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What is the joomla?

Joomla is one of the most well known and popular content management systems (CMS).

One of the most important Joomla advantages is the convenience in content management as it does't require special development knowledge or technical skills manage your website's content.

Moreover Joomla has a very big community of users which means that you may find many fora and blogs which provide solutions and help about technical or other issues you might face, related to Joomla. Thus, many developers, professional or amateurs, create applications and extensions for Joomla and share it with users either for free or for a usually low fee. So, you may find implementations for almost anything you need for your Joomla site.

Why i need a hosting account for joomla my website?

In order to install the Joomla CMS to develop your own website, it is necessary that you have a hosting pack in your disposal.

IP.GR provides hosting packs in IP.GR's web servers, where you may install your Joomla site whether uploading / transferring the implementation you have already in your computer or in another server or using the auto installer application that your hosting pack's control panel provides.

joomla hosting - Buy web hosting for joomla site!

Hosting plan for joomla my website from 2.90 euro per month

All hosting plans are hosted to modern infrustructurres in any data center you may choose. See what each data center offers and make the best choice for your website hosting.

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