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What is the modx?

MODx is a content management system (CMS) for creating websites and publishing articles on the Internet.

Some of the features of MODx are its speed, its ease of use and the support for installation in a large number of servers such as Apache, nginx and IIS. In addition the MODx control panel can work through all known web browsers.

MODx has a large collection of extensions which can alter the functionality of a website. It also has full control of the metadata tags for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Another feature of the MODx application is its support for various screen sizes as it has a responsive design and can be used through mobile devices, tablets and desktops computers with any screen size. Finally it is fully translated into several languages including Greek.

Why i need a hosting account for modx my website?

In order to install the MODx CMS to develop your own website, it is necessary that you have a hosting pack in your disposal.

IP.GR provides hosting packs in IP.GR's web servers, where you may install your Joomla site whether uploading / transferring the implementation you have already in your computer or in another server or using the auto installer application that your hosting pack's control panel provides.

modx hosting - Buy web hosting for modx site!

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All hosting plans are hosted to modern infrustructurres in any data center you may choose. See what each data center offers and make the best choice for your website hosting.

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