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What is the moodle?

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open source course management software. It is used by thousands of educational institutions around the world in order to provide their users with an organized interface for distance learning or online training. Moodle is a learning platform, designed to provide teachers, administrators and students a single powerful, secure and integrated system, which can be used to create personalized learning environments.

The Moodle application is supported by an active international community, a group of dedicated developers and a network of certified Moodle Partners. Through open collaboration and great support from the community, the project continues to achieve rapid correction of errors and improvements, with major new versions every six months. For anything you might need, you can always refer to the fora of the application's community users!

Why i need a hosting account for moodle my website?

To be able to do your Moodle site accessible from all over the world, you need to install it on a server on the Internet. A Moodle site's hosting has some special requirements. IP.GR provides hosting space for your Moodle website's in the company's servers, which cover all specifications required for the continuous operation of the platform, as well as safety, speed and of course support for any difficulty you mighty encounter while installing and using the Moodle application.

You can use the automatic install application - auto installer which you may find in the control panel of your hosting pack by IP.GR, to install the application immediately with one click. Otherwise, you can download the application on your computer, implement it and then upload / transfer the site to the hosting space of the pack provided to you by IP.GR.

moodle hosting - Buy web hosting for moodle site!

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