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What is the opencart?

OpenCart is a unique online store management system. It is a secure solution for online stores that provides you the opportunity to create your own online business and trade via the internet at low costs.

The OpenCart is an extremely popular application for both beginners and experienced users. It features a user-friendly environment and is particularly simple to install. To begin to trade through the OpenCart store, you just need to install the application, select the template you wish your store to have and add the products you would like to sell.

If you encounter any problem while using the OpenCart application, you will find video drivers, documentation of the application itself and written instructions, from which you can draw valuable tips on how you can achieve exactly what you want. In addition, there are large forum communities that will help you solve any problem in a practical way.

Furthermore, it is possible to easily customize OpenCart to your needs through a variety of applications, modules and plug-ins that are now available.

Why i need a hosting account for opencart my website?

The OpenCart application is based on PHP. To be able to publish your e-shop which has been created using OpenCart, you need hosting space on a web server that should be running PHP and MySQL. IP.GR provides hosting packages with all the prerequisites for the smooth operation of your OpenCart e-store. Even more, offers you reliability, speed and security. And of course, for any difficulty you may encounter while installing and using the application, IP.GR offers continuous support.

Through the control panel of your hosting package provided to you by IP.GR, you may use the automatic installation application (auto installer) and install OpenCart with a click. Otherwise, download the application localy to your computer, implement your store and then upload/transfer it to the server space provided by IP.GR.

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