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What is typo3?

TYPO3 CMS (Content Management System), is one of the most widely used content management system for businesses, providing the basis for web sites and web & mobile applications worldwide.

It does not matter, if you want to build a simple website, or just want to expand the existing one. If you want to promote or develop your business, TYPO3 CMS is the right choice, because it enables you to manage the content of your business site, always focusing to your current needs.

Some of the key features of Typo3 are:

  • Customization to individual needs. TYPO3 allows the creation and management of new data types and metadata.
  • Flexible upgrades. The entire configuration of the system, that has been done either in the form of creation of new data, either in the form of writing code, does not need any modification in a future upgrade.
  • Friendly to the user and the developer.
  • Safety. Typo3 provides reliability and security, with proper management of access data and modification rights.
  • A large TYPO3 Community for continued support!

Why i need a hosting account for my typo3 website?


  • Auto Installer
  • Auto Backup
  • Auto Update


  • CloudLinux OS
  • Free SSL
  • Antivirus

Performance / Flexibility

  • SSD Drives
  • cPanel
  • PHP Selector

With a powerful CMS like TYPO3 CMS, you can add, change and remove text, images and plug-ins for your site without installing any additional software. Because of simple management tools in TYPO3 CMS, you can run and edit any object of the site, personal or professional without the need of learning programming.

To be able to work in TYPO3, you need site hosting on a web server, which will be run PHP and MySQL. IP.GR provides hosting packages with all the prerequisites for the smooth operation of the application. It also provides your credibility and effectiveness.If you encounter any difficulties during the installation and use of TYPO3, IP.GR provides ongoing support.

Moreover, in all IP.GR hosting packages, you can use the automatic Installation (auto installer), through the control panel of your hosting pack and install TYPO3, with one click!

TYPO3 CMS has some unique features that make it ideal for websites of any size, from simple to more complex for larger companies!

I already have a website built in typo3. What services do you offer for this?

  • 1. Performance measurement

    If you already have a website and have troubled fot its performance, we have the ability to measure its resource needs through CloudLinux mechanisms. Once you have installed your website in the hosting package you will get from IP.GR, you can check the summary of cPanel statistics to see if the resources of the package you selected meet the needs of your website. If you see that resources are not enough, ask for our help. A qualified technician will oversee the consumption of your site resources and propose a solution.
  • 2. Ιdentify needs

    Measuring the performance of a website leads to the identifiaction of its needs in system resources and consequently to selecting a hosting package that best meets the requirements of your application.
  • 3. Value for money

    Through the evaluation of your site, you choose the hosting package that truly meets your needs. This way you know exactly why you chose the specific hosting package and how your money is matched to system resources.
  • 4. 30-day money back guarantee

    If for some reason you have not been satisfied with our service or for whatever reason you have decided to terminate the hosting package purchase from IP.GR, we will return your money within 30 days of your order.

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