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I want wordpress hosting! Host now your wordpress website in IP.GR fast, cheap and easy!

What is the wordpress?

Wordpress is one of the most famous applications you may use to create your blog or your website. Millions of users globally use Wordpress to promote themselves on line, which guarantees a large base of users with whom you might want to share your experience and exchange views on technical and management issues of Wordpress.

In this way you have more flexibility in facing potential problemms and also get ideas about how to improve your website via tutorials and user guides published on line.

Why i need a hosting account for wordpress my website?

To install Wordpress you should have a hosting pack for your website.

IP.GR provides you the hosting pack you need in IP.GR's web servers to install your Wordpress site.

In IP.GR's servers you will find the auto installer application and by pressing a button you may install instantly and simply Wordpress in your hosting pack. Alternatively, if you have already installed the Wordpress application you may simply upload your files on your hosting pack, so in just a few minutes it can be fully operating.

wordpress hosting - Buy web hosting for wordpress site!

Hosting plan for wordpress my website from 2.90 euro per month

All hosting plans are hosted to modern infrustructurres in any data center you may choose. See what each data center offers and make the best choice for your website hosting.

  • wordpress hosting in european data center from 2.90 euro per month
  • wordpress hosting in greek data center from 3.50 euro per month

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