Standard Line
Standard Power - cPanel hosting with addon domains up to 5 websites

The ideal hosting solution to develop your website with ease, economy and reliability!

Apache Web Server Apache Hosting
The standard hosting solution!

+ Economy
+ Stability
+ Technical support
+ Start-up friendly

Start at a low cost and grow with security, reliability and the support of IP.GR
 3.90 € / Month  4.30 € / Month  4.80 € / Month  5.20 € / Month
Sites hosted:1
Monthly traffic:Unmetered
Disk space:Unmetered
E-mail accounts:Unlimited
Free SSL:
Ram:1 GB
CPU:1 core
Care Pack: Standard
Control Panel:
Sitebuilder:Sitejet Site Builder
Auto Installer:  
Up to 5 websites!
 7.40 € / Month  7.70 € / Month  8.50 € / Month  9.10 € / Month
Sites hosted:5
Monthly traffic:Unmetered
Disk space:Unmetered
E-mail accounts:Unlimited
Free SSL:
Ram:1.5 GB
CPU:1 core
Care Pack: Standard
Control Panel:
Sitebuilder:Sitejet Site Builder
Auto Installer:  
 10.80 € / Month  11.50 € / Month  12.00 € / Month  12.70 € / Month
Sites hosted:Unlimited
Monthly traffic:Unmetered
Disk space:Unmetered
E-mail accounts:Unlimited
Free SSL:
Ram:2 GB
CPU:1 core
Care Pack: Standard
Control Panel:
Sitebuilder:Sitejet Site Builder
Auto Installer:  
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Standard Power
Cheap cPanel hosting with up to 5 websites

With 1 primary domain and 4 addon domains and free SSL for all!
Combined hosting solution - One cPanel account for five different websites.

NVMe disks

NVMe SSD disks
ensure the fastest possible data transfer speeds

CloudLinux OS

The best OS
for Web Servers


The most popular and user friendly
control panel for your hosting

Guaranteed resources

Specific and specified CPU & Ram
resources in each hosting package

Auto Installer

Automatic Wordpress, Joomla etc.
installation with a single click

PHP Selector

Choose the PHP version compatible
with your website


Fast network, guaranteed resources and
Entrerprise SSD hard disks

Unmetered Resources

Unmetered traffic, unmetered disk space, iNodes policy


Free SSL, 3x Antivirus,
real time scan

Advanced Email Protection

The best possible email account protection from viruses and spam

Site transfer

We transfer your website to us for free
with 12month and 24month


Option to instantly backup your current
website or download from backup file

General Characteristics

Hosting package
Web Server
Free SSL
Sub Domains
Parked Domains
Addon Domains
Ftp Accounts
DNS Control
Data Center
Entry Processes
Mailbox quota
Emails / hour
Monitoring 24/7
Instant Setup
No commitments
Money back guarantee
Standard Value
Sitejet Site Builder
Apache Apache
1 core
1 GB
4 MB/s
Standard Power
Sitejet Site Builder
Apache Apache
1 core
1.5 GB
5 MB/s
Standard Premium
Sitejet Site Builder
Apache Apache
1 core
2 GB
6 MB/s


Web Mail
Auto Responders
Email Forwarders
Default Address
Email Filtering
Email Trace
Email Authentication
MX Management

Website Management & Backup

File manager
Full or Partial Backup
Backup Restore
Backup Wizard
Website optimization
Error Pages


FTP Acc. Management
FTP session control
Webalizer FTP

Supported Technologies

Cloud Linux O.S.
PHP 5.x / 7.x / 8.x
PHP Version selector
PHP PEAR Packages
PHP Configuration
Cron Jobs
Network Tools
Image manager

Statistics & Logs

Raw Access Logs
Error log
Analog Stats
Resource usage

CMS & Apps

100+ Apps
Joomla hosting
Wordpress hosting
Drupal hosting

eCommerce & Business

Vtiger CRM
SSL Access


Availability guarantee
Continuous overview
Firewall protection
Virus Scanner
Malware Detector
Brute Force Protect
Password Protect Dirs
Mod Security
SSL/TLS Manager
HotLink Protection
Leech Protect
GnuPG Keys
IP Deny Manager


Knowledge Base
Ticket Support
Email Support
Video Tutorials

Why up to 5 pages?

Usually every website or eshop deals with a particular field. There are cases where the main activity of this field is framed by secondary or additional ones.

An example could be a company that has a main website and wants a separate secondary domain to publish its balance sheet. Additionally let's assume that the same company needs another domain for the promotion of a new product, in order to upload the product brochure and a small website to advertise it.

Through the Standard Power hosting plan, you can have one (1) main domain and four (4) additional ones (addon domains) to support such a project.

Can I host 5 different websites to the Standard Power hosting plan? What should I watch out for;

Yes, you can host up to 5 different websites on the same hosting plan.

What you should watch out for:

- The size of the websites.

If a site is big, then it is likely that it consumes quite a big part of the available iNodes of the package, that are 100000. Every file of folder or email is an iNode, so a typical WordPress site has usually 5000 to 10000 iNodes. Therefore, if you have 5 small websites you will be able to host them to the same hosting plan.

- Security issues

What you have to keep in mind is that all the websites that are hosted by the same hosting plan, are in fast located in adjacent folders within the same package. So, in case of a website violation, there is a possibility that another co-hosted one might be affected as well.

The above fact does not apply to cases when every website has its own cPanel account, since each one account has its own user in the operating system and is protected by the operating system itself.

Thus, if you are planning to host open source applications, you need to be constantly aware of the available updates, as these applications are usually targeted for malicious attacks, if they are not updated. In case you have custom applications or static html pages, the risk is significantly lower if you are planning to host all your sites by one hosting package.

- Adequacy of resources

The Standard Power hosting plan has specific system resources (CPU, RAM, I/O, Iops), that are used from the sites that are being hosted. If a site has more requirements in resources then it is likely that it consumes a significant portion of the given resources or even all of them and thus makes the other pages delay. If for example, a site has a mechanism that is not functional and produces a lot of CPU consumption, then it is possible that all the sites of the hosting plan will be slow as the CPU usage will have been drained.

The above case is something that doesn't occur when there are separate cPanel accounts since the site has its own resources and thus, in case of a malfunction, it cannot affect any other site. None of the websites can exceed the resources given by the hosting plan, so it cannot exhaust the server's resources, but only its individual ones that are a subset of the total resources of the server.

I want to move an addon domain to a standalone cPanel account - what should I do?

Moving an addon domain to a separate cPanel account, is a process that is supported by the cPanel but can be achieved only from the server administrator.

To move a domain to its own cPanel account, you have first to purchase a new hosting plan which will be linked to this domain and then contact us to initiate all the requested technical procedures.

I need more than 5 domains - what can I do?

If you have more than 5 sites and want to host them on the same hosting plan, you can upgrade your subscription to the next hosting plan Standard Premium with unlimited domains.

Alternatively you can examine other solutions, such as purchasing a standalone hosting package for the new domain that you want to host or switch to a Reseller hosting plan.

5 standalone hosting subscriptions or one hosting plan with 5 sites? Which is better?

This is a decision that has mostly to do with the available budget and then with the technical or management issues.

If someone can afford a standalone hosting plan for each site, then it is without a doubt recommended to have separate subscriptions as:

- Every hosting plan has its own resources, so if a website is quite demanding, it won't affect the performance of the other websites.

- There is complete independence between the websites and the operating system, as every single cPanel account is linked with a different user on the server. In this way, we can achieve a higher security level.

- The money you invest in hosting is better utilized (value for money). Each hosting plan has maximum 1 core CPU, so with 5 different hosting plans you can potentially use 5 of the available server cores at the same time, as well as other resources (Ram, I / O, iops, inodes). On the contrary, the Standard Power hosting plan gives 1 core CPU that is shared between the pages hosted on it. The same applies to the rest of the hosting plan's resources.

The advantage of a single hosting plan with 5 addon domains, is basically financial. Τhere is also the convenience of the single management, since you just have to do with one cPanel account and thus less login data and fewer administrative actions when it comes to the package's needs.

In conclusion, if your websites are not in great need of resources and are basically static or very simple, then you will clearly benefit from the single hosting plan. However, if your websites are dynamic and have good potential to grow, you may be able to start with a single hosting plan but in the long run it will be preferable to switch to a more more efficient solution like the standalone hosting plan.

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