What is a domain name?

The domain name is a more friendly for man writing (pseudonym) of an IP address, ie a number of the form "" leading to a particular site / website online.

Each site (or web entity) is accessible via its IP address and usually can be visited using the domain name that corresponds to this address. he matching of a domain name and an IP address is done through DNS (Domain Name Service). That is, there is a web service that indicates which IP address corresponds to each domain name.

How do I use domain names?

You use the domain names through the browser installed on every computer but also through all applications / services that run online (ftp, telnet, etc.). The most popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Each browser has a field (address bar) where you can enter the domain name of the website you wish to visit. All necessary processes matching the domain name to that website's IP address are automatically made and almost immediately you may view the web page you requested.

Similarly to browsers, other applications (eg Filezilla for FTP connections) that run online have as well the appropriate field to enter the domain name you want to connect to.

What is a domain name extension?

Each domain name consists of two parts, the prefix (sld) and the extension (tld ). For example, for the domain, the prefix is “example” and the extension is “.com”.

In the prefix you may enter alphanumeric data and hyphens. Other characters such as exclamation, comma, etc., are not allowed. You can also purchase a domain name with Greek characters in the prefix.

In the extension field you may choose from a finite list of extensions. The most common extension in Greece is .gr, while older extensions are .com, .eu, .net, .org, .info, .biz . With gTLDS becoming available for registration, you now have at your disposal a wide range of extensions (.ninja, .guru, .photography, etc.) to select the one that better serves your needs. See the list of all available domain name extensions provided by IP.GR.

If a domain name is considered communal or geographical term it can only be assigned to the relevant local government organizations regardless if it is written in latin characters. Also domain names that are keywords online cannot be assigned.

Do I really need a domain name?

If you wish to have an autonomous presence online, then you need your own domain name.

If for example you want to set up a blog on, you will be provided by this service an address containing the word (eg Such an address determines that you are a part of and in this sense not completely autonomous. But you have always the option of registering a full domain name for your website, so in this example you may view your blog using your address, if you have registered this domain name.

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