I can send email, but I can not download my emails. What could be wrong?

If you can not download emails see the following instructions, depending on how you manage your emails. The receipt of your emails can be done with any of the following ways:

  • Using webmail:

    Each hosting account at IP.GR is accompanied by an email management application Webmail.

  • Using an email client:

    The mail management applications or email clients, are applications through which you can download your emails but also send emails. Known email clients is the Microsoft Outlook, the Thunderbird, the Mac Mail and mobile phone clients, pads, etc.

  • Email client and webmail combination:

    The widespread use of mobile devices has brought the need of being able to see emails from anywhere (mobiles, laptops, etc.). A normal and reasonable use is to have an email client in a computer that downloads your emails (POP account) and deletes them from the server after some days. In meantime until the messages deletion various devices can parallely read / send messages.

Webmail Troubleshooting:

  • If you send an email to yourself and you do not see it in your webmail, make sure that you are logged in the webmail with your email and not the username of cPanel, because otherwise you will be logged in to a wrong mailbox.
  • If your mailbox is full, you will not be able to receive any more emails until there is enough space in your mailbox. In this case those who send you emails will receive back a non-delivery message and the reasons will indicate that your mailbox is full.

    To deal with the filled mailbox problem login to cPanel of your account and under Emails section click Email Accounts. There you will see the list of your emails and the space occupied by each mail. So if you consume all the available space this will be shown on that page and you can click Change Quota in order to give more space. Alternatively you can delete some messages from your email account through webmail to free some space.

  • If you have enabled SpamAssassin in your account, some of the messages that do not arrive to you may have been characterized as spam by SpamAssassin and therefore have been deleted or have been moved to spam folder. If you have a spam folder, please check there. The SpamAssassin can cause a condition that some messages can be received and some not even from the same sender, since each time SpamAssassin checks the content of the message.
  • If you have transferred your site to another server, make sure you log in to the correct server. You can open the address /webmail by writing your domain address in place of and this way make sure that you log in to the correct server.
  • If you have set external MX records, the server may be trying to forward your emails locally (within the server), instead of forwarding them to the mail servers that you set through MX records, because by default MX records categorized as remote. Through the cPanel of your account in MX records option under the Emails section, see if you have set the MX records as remote or local and make a corresponding correction.

Email Clients Troubleshooting:

  • If your application returns an Error, you can supervise the connection parameters you use. See detailed instructions for setting the most famous email clients.
  • Make sure that in your account settings you use your entire email in the username field and not a plain username.
  • Make sure you use the correct password. You can reset it through cPanel (Email Accounts > Change Password) to be sure it is right.
  • Make sure you have not activated a setting such as "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)".
  • If you see a password input box, it is good to first reset your password through the cPanel (Email Accounts > Change Password) and then enter the new password in the email client you use.
  • If an error occurs that is not covered by these instructions, please contact us to assist you in solving the problem.
  • If you are not receiving any error and any email message, make sure there are messages in your mailbox. To see this you can connect via the webmail in your account and see if there are messages in your Inbox. If there are messages in your Inbox check again the parameters that you set to your email client.

Using Webmail and an Email Client parallely:

  • If download your emails through an email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) with a POP connection and you can not see them in webmail, then chances are that is set to delete immediately the emails from the server which download to your email client. In many email clients this is the default setting. Therefore in the Settings of your POP connection, select your emails to remain for some days on the server and deleted after (eg. seven days), so you have the ability to view them in your webmail or other devices such as your mobile phone.

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