Spam email filtering in Thunderbird
Add a filter on Thunderbird for emails marked as spam from mailscanner

To manage SPAM emails in the famous Thunderbird mail client, there is the possibility of adding a filter / filters which in combination with the MailScanner application running on IP.GR's servers, allows the email owner to effectively filter out the junk mail they receives.

For detailed information regarding the MailScanner application, see:

In brief, MailScanner characterizes emails that it considers to be spam by adding the {SPAM} prefix to the subject of the email.

This mechanism of MailScanner splits spam emails into 3 categories (spam, definitely spam and infected) depending on the content of each email.

Infected emails are cut directly from the Mail Scanner and are not even sent as spam. The remaining emails are stored in the client's mailbox with the corresponding message subject marking (the word {SPAM}).

How can I manage thunderbird emails that are classified as spam?

Like all modern mail programs, Thunderbird offers the ability to add filters for incoming mail.

Taking advantage of this functionality and combined with MailScanner's markup on emails that it considers to be spam (by inserting {SPAM} in the subject line of the message), we are able to easily filter the spam mail we receive.

Filter creation on Thunderbird:

You can follow the steps below to filter SPAM emails in Thunderbird.

  1. From the application window (Thunderbird), click on the hamburger icon located at the top right side of the window. In the popup window, select "Message Filters".
  2. On this new window that appeared click on "New".
  3. Fill out the fields on the window titled "Filter Rules" following the guidelines below:
    1. Filter name: The name of the filter that sets it apart from the rest (e.g. "SPAM Filter").
    2. Apply filter when: Complete this section as shown below ensuring that you have selected the "Getting New Mail" field and the option "Filter before Junk Classification" is checked.
    3. Rules: Fill in the rules section as in the picture below. In the empty box, type the word "{SPAM}" which is the word added by mail scanner to the subject of Spam emails.
    4. Φάκελος: Select "Move Messages to" and choose which folder will receive the spam you receive.
  4. After completing the above procedure press "OK" button to save the filter. This will start enforcing its rules and filtering emails with the prefix "{SPAM}".

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