How can I decide which is the right certificate for me?

Depending on the complexity of your business and the number of the transactions you expect to manage, a different level of security and encryption for your site is required.

How should you choose the right security certificate for your website?

There are a number of factors that will guide you when selecting the certificate you need:
  • E-commerce and Security

    Most certificate issuers provide more than one level of safety. If you wish to accept payments through your site, it would be an advantage to use the best possible encryption level.

    Consider how your customers loyalty to your website will be increased and you will understand that the extra cost for maximum security, is almost insignificant in front of the push your sales will get.

  • Issuance speed

    How quickly do you need your SSL certificate?

    This is a very important question and can determine your choice. If you are ready to start immediately accepting on line payments, then you might need to choose an SSL certificate issued immediately, so you do not lose potential sales. You may decide to install a medium security certificate, as you go through the necessary process of your data being validated for issuing a certificate that provides a higher level of security or guarantee for larger amounts.

  • Certificate guarantee

    The amount covered by your certificate's guarantee gives your customers an indication of how seriously you take the security of your website. A certificate that provides higher safety also includes a warranty for greater amounts, since the check for the company that uses it is more thorough.

    If any malevolent action arises as a result of the interaction of the customer with a website secured with an SSL certificate, the certificate issuer will compensate customers who have been harmed with amounts of 1000 to $ 1,000,000. Visitors of a website can readily understand the safety level of a website by the amount of this guarantee.

  • Price and number of domains

    You need to secure a single domain or are important pages of your website with several domains?

    he SSL certificates can be purchased for specific domains or to secure a set of sub domains under the same domain or a VPN. If you use more than one domains when dealings with your customers, you need all these domains secured by SSL certificate for secure transactions and for protecting customer data in every step of the process of an electronic transaction.

  • Seals and security signs

    Does the SSL certificate that you wish to purchase include a security seal for your website?

    This mark, when displayed on your site is another visible indication that enhances the confidence of visitors. These seals are commonly used in home or landing pages of a site, so that the visitor knows from the first contact that has to do with a legitimate business.

    Building confidence with customers is a key to the process of converting your website's visitors to loyal and profitable customers. Such seals may be particularly helpful to small businesses with low visibility searching for additional resources to enhance their credibility on line.

  • An SSL Certificate reassures your customers that you are dealing with the issue of security with the appropriate caution. Provides a visual indication that you're the one you are claiming to be and that all credit card information will be encrypted and can not be intercepted and that data transfer is secure.

    The concern about the security of a website is usually the reason behind most transactions that were never completed, so the installation and proper display of a valid certificate helps to reduce this concern, to enhance confidence and ultimately achieve expected sales.

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