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How can I make my own WordPress site?

Worpdress is one of the most popular applications with which you can build your website. The original specification was to meet the functional needs of a blog, but in course added more options and you can now create various applications through it as simple corporate presentations, portals , eshops, personal portfolios etc.

What is

The installation of Wordpress can be done either in its own hosting package (standalone installation) or the In example you can make use of Wordpress via self installation and as a service. Naturally when using Wordpress as a service via the, there will be several limitations as to the mechanisms that you will be able to install and your overall autonomy to the Wordpress platform. In contrast, in a standalone installation you have full priviledges because the whole installation belongs to you and in many ways you can make interventions in Wordpress.

The creation of your website with the standalone version of Wordpress is a simple and concise way. In order to have a complete and functional installation of Wordpress 3 things are required:

  1. A domain name
  2. A web hosting account
  3. Wordpress installation on your hosting package

Find a domain name

If the installation of wordpress is only for a part of your site, for example a blog that you want to build, then most likely you already own a domain.

If you do not, the domain names are procured from domain name registrars. IP.GR is one of the first name registrars authorized to Greece, with long experience in the field. See how you can register a domain name in IP.GR.

If you already have a domain and possibly a website already installed on it, you can install Wordpress on a subdomain of your website (eg or just on a subfolder of your site (eg

When you do your website development locally, at the beginning it is not necessary to have a domain in your possession. But when you want to add it online you will need a domain name or a subdomain, so follow the above instructions.

Select a web hosting package

IP.GR has web servers for hosting your Wordpress website. In the hosting packages page you can see all the available hosting packages and select one that better fits your needs. Find out how you can obtain one of the hosting packages here.

If you want to make your page first on your computer (development) rather than on a real (live) server, you can install a web server for development on your computer and run through it. For windows you can use the wamp, xampp, etc., for MACos the MAMP while for Linux make a LAMP install. When you reach the final stage of your application, you will need to purchase a hosting package to a real server to add the webpage you created locally on your computer.

Once you become owner of the domain of your choice and the hosting package that suits your needs, you you can link them together.

Details regarding the installation of  wordpress you will find in this article.

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