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Installation of Wordpress

Install Wordpress on your hosting package

If you have a hosting package in IP.GR you have 2 ways to install Wordpress:

  • Auto Installer installation

    Every Hosting in IP.GR package accompanied by automatic installation script (Auto Installer). With the press of a button you can have a functional installation of Wordpress directly and easily. Follow these steps:

    1. Login to cPanel
    2. In Web Applications category select the Wordpress option

      cPanel - Web Applications
    3. In Installatron (Auto Installer) category click the + install this application option

      cPanel - Wordpress Installatron
    4. In this step you can set the installation folder of Wordpress. In the field Directory you can set a subfolder of public_html, if you want to install Wordpress in subfolder of your site. If for example you want the Wordpress in /blog of your site (, then you simply type the word blog on optional Directory. You will do the same if you want to play on your site subdomain blog (, because when you create the subdomain, cPanel creates a subfolder within the public_html on behalf of the subdomain. In this case it is recommended  to first make the subdomain and then you install wordpress in subdirectory, to get all the important decisions in order.

      If you want Wordpress to be the central installation in your account, leave the Directory field blank.

      Also in the same step you can set the username and administrator password for the Wordpress, make settings for the updates of wordpress, set email updates to be taken by the server etc.

      Click the Install button at the end of the page.

    5. Wordpress installation completes in short time and you can immediately connect to the new website and manage it.
  • Manual installation

    If you plan to buy a template for your Wordpress site, first check the files that the manufacturer of this template gives you. Usually with the template is provided an entire Wordpress installation (full installation template), so downloading the template you have all the files you need to run a complete installation. If you have such a Wordpress template ignore the first step of the following and continue to install the file that you have.

    1. Download the latest version of Wordpress CMS from the official page
    2. Login to cPanel
    3. Click the File Manager option in the Files category.
    4. In the public_html folder upload the installation file you downloaded from (or the full installation template).
    5. When the file finish uploading right click on it and select Extract.
    6. Create a database in cPanel because you will need it during the installation of Wordpress.
    7. Open your page from a browser and follow the installation steps.
    8. Once the installation is complete delete the installation folder.

If you have not a hosting package and you make the development locally, then extract the installation file in your project's folder and follow the steps to manually install as described above. The creation of the database may be done using the phpMyAdmin by selecting Create database that you find in it. The remaining steps are the same.

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