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How can I log into my cpanel?

Login to cPanel

To log in cPanel, type the following address in your browser's address bar:

Important! Replace “” with your domain name.

In the login form type your username and password.

cPanel – User Login

Troubleshooting -FAQ

1. I can't remember my cPanel login information.

If you can't recall your cPanel login information, you may recover them in 2 ways:

  • Check your email

    While purchasing a hosting package in IP.GR, you have been sent an informative email which contains useful information for you, included the cPanel login information as well as the control panel url.

  • cPanel password reset

    View the password reset instructions

2. I want to modify my cPanel login password.

You may change your password for logging in your hosting package's control panel in 2 ways:

  • Automatically reset password

    Follow the password reset steps. Thus, your password will be automatically reset and sent to your email address.

  • Change your password through cPanel

    Follow the change password steps. Following this steps, you change your password through cPanel to the one you like.

I don't have a cPanel account – how can I get my own cPanel Account?

To get your own cPanel account you may purchase your own hosting package from IP.GR, visiting the Hosting packages section on our website.

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