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Where can I find the WordPress configuration wp-config.php file?

A very important file of your WordPress website is the configuration file wp-config.php. This file is located inside the root folder of your WordPress installation and includes basic configuration details of your website, such as the connection information to the database.

If you have only one website to your hosting account, you can find the wp-config.php file inside the public_html folder. If you have installed WordPress in a subfolder then it will be located inside that folder.

When you first download WordPress for installation, the wp-config.php file is not included. It is generated automatically during the installation process based on the information you will provide.

You can edit your configuration file using the File Manager tool in the Files category, after you login to cPanel.
Find the wp-config.php file, right click on it to select it and choose Code Edit from the drop down menu.

Inside the wp-config.php file there are several settings of your website you can edit. This file is very important for the proper functionality of your website, so we advise you to be careful and sure about the changes you make.

There you will find settings about: 

  • the connection with your database,
  • the security keys of your website,
  • the developer options.
Modify it accordingly and save the file to put the changes into effect.

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