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Uninstall, Install from scratch and Re-install Wordpress core without data loss
Re-install WordPress core script

If you have noticed any malfunction in your WordPress site and/or a mechanism that doesn’t work, probably your application generates errors maybe due to a file corruption in the WordPress installation.

First of all, we recommend that you investigate the cause of the malfunction, in order to find out whether is was triggered from a breach or some other administrative action, such as an incomplete upgrade, a new plugin or a change in a theme that you may have tried.

In case your site has been hacked or you cannot find any other source that may have initiated the problem, then we suggest that you take a couple of measures. One of them is reinstalling the WordPress core.

Right below you can find two different ways to reinstall the WordPress core, without losing your site content, the plugins and the theme settings.

  #1st method: Using Dashboard

The easiest way to re-install Wordpress core is through the administrator dashboard. From the Dashboard go to the Updates category and select the Re-install Now option, as shown below.

This process will take some time. Once finished, you will have re-installed Wordpress and your content will remain untouched.

#2nd method: Using FTP

If there is a problem that does not allow you to login to your administrator dashboard in order to reinstall Wordpress as shown above, then an alternative option is to use FTP. For more instructions regarding how to use FTP you can see our article here.
  • Go to the Wordpress website and download the latest available version (recommended!!).
  • Then extract the file and using an FTP client, like Filezilla upload all the files and folders except the ones that contain the content. Specifically do not upload the wp-content folder and the wp-config.php file.
  • When the uploading process is finished, you will have reinstalled Wordpress without deleting your content.

New installation from scratch

As a last choice, when nothing works as it should be and you want to start over, then you can completely delete Wordpress and install it from scratch.

Using this method the website's content will be deleted.

First you should delete the Wordpress installation and then the database that is associated with this installation. You can follow the steps below:
  • Delete your files and folders using FTP as explained above, or using your cPanel File Manager. In this example, we have installed our website in a sub-folder named wordpress that is inside the public_html folder, so you just need to click on the folder and choosing Delete, as shown below.
  • Then you will have to delete the Wordpress database. This can be done by using the cPanel. Click on the Databases category, then the MYSQL Databases option and select the database that you wish to delete, by clicking the Delete button. You may delete the database user too, if it's not associated with any other database.
When everything is deleted you are ready to reinstall Wordpress.

Install an application:
  • First you have to create your database. Create a database and a user for this database or connect an existing one, giving the appropriate permissions. This can be done through cPanel > Databases > MYSQL Databases. You can follow the pictures below.
1. Database creation

2. Database user creation

3. User and database association

In our knowledge base you can learn more about database management using cPanel.
  • To install Wordpress you can follow the FTP instructions above in order to upload all the files and folders or upload them using the cPanel File Manager.

Automatic installation

In our web hosting packages, we offer the option to install and delete your preferred application with only a few clicks.

Install an application:
Login to cPanel and under the Web Applications category you will see the application Wordpress. Click on it and you will see the below screen. You can click the +install this application button to install it.

The installation is done using Installatron, which will help you complete the installation with only a few clicks.

Delete an application:
Using cPanel under the Web Applications category, you can see your installed applications. You can uninstall them by clicking the uninstall button. The process takes about a minute.

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