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Connect to my hosting package with FTP (Filezilla)

You may connect to your hosting package in IP.GR via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). For starters, you may also like to take a glimpse at he basic FTP concepts protocol and also some general information on FTP Clients

When purchasing any hosting package from IP.GR, we sent a notification email to the package owner, which contains the cPanel login credentials. The same login credentials can be used for FTP Connections. You can always create separate FTP accounts through cPanel. You may find here instructions for setting up an FTP account in cPanel. An FTP connection using your default cPanel credential provides access to the full account, so there is also the option to create individual accounts where you can limit access to subfolders of your site.

FTP connection using Filezilla

For the purposes of this article we're going to demonstrate the use of Filezilla FTP client, which is widely used online. You may follow the steps below:

  1. Open Filezilla

    • In Host field type your domain name or the server shared IP.
    • In Username field type your username

      If you attempt to connect using an ftp account you have created through the cPanel, then your username will be in an email form e.g. Otherwise, you may use the same username you use for logging in your cPanel, which you may find in the notification email you received when purchasing your hosting package, which also contains the ftp password.

    • In the Password field type your ftp password
    • Click on the Quickconnect button.
    • A pop-up window for the Security certificate of the Server may appear. In this case, click on Accept to proceed.

If the login information you are using is not correct, a message will be displayed, in which case you should check the login credentials or reset them.

  • If you have created your own ftp account through your cPanel, you can change the ftp account password as described here Change FTP account password in cPanel.
  • If you attempt to connect with the cPanel credentials to your default FTP account and fail, try using the same credentials to log in your cPanel. If cannot there either, that means your credentials are not correct so you may Send / reset your credentials through your account in

If you can not browse your cPanel login pege or your website at all then it is possible that the Server's Firewall has blocked your IP, so if you use dynamic IP you can restart the router to get a new IP, or if you use a static IP you should contact us to remove it from the Firewall.

If you are not just using Quickconnect, but you already have a connection created in Filezilla Site Manager and you can not connect, try the Filezilla FTP connection troubleshooting guide.

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