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What is FTP?

Basic concepts

FTP is a communication protocol for file transferring in computer networks and it's an acronym for File Transfer Protocol.

In practice, it is commonly used by internet users to upload files on their websites. It's usage is really popular because of the easy way you can upload multiple files massively to your server (webpage), not having to upload them one by one. The same way, you can download files from your server to your computer.

How do I connect through FTP?

You may connect to the server using the FTP protocol in different many ways. You can log in using an ftp client such as FileZilla or CyberDuck, any HTML editor such as DreamWeaver, Notepad++ or Sublime which provide similar interfaces or even with a more complex programming IDE like Νetbeans, Aptana Studio, Eclipse etc. All these applications have a built in ftp client, a mechanism to connect to the ftp service of your server, through which you can transfer files.

No matter which application you will use to connect to your server, you will need login credentials (username and password). These have been sent to you when you purchased your hosting package from IP.GR and can be found at the confirmation email sent to you or alternatively you can create a new ftp account from your hosting package's control panel.

Troubleshooting - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have lost my ftp login data and I can not find them in my email. What can I do?

    If you can't access neither cPanel, you may consult the cPanel password reminder guide. Following the steps of this guide will allow you to connect both to your cPanel and your ftp account.

  2. I have ftp login credentials but I can not make a successful connection. What can I do?

    If you know your FTP credentials, and still you can't connect to your FTP account, there is a possibility that your credentials might have been changed either for security reasons or upon your request, so you may consult the cPanel password reminder guide as in the previous step, or try some of the following solutions:

    • Restart your router if you have a dynamic IP, as it is possible, for certain reason, that your IP has been blocked (in this case you should not be able to view your website either).
    • Try to connect through an unsecured connection in the parameters of the ftp client used.
    • Try the passive mode in the parameters of the ftp client used.
    • Try another ftp client
    • Check if you are in a restricted or company network and the connections to external networks are cut off (in this case consult your network technician).

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