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How do I create / delete an FTP account?

In every hosting plan, you may use your cPanel login credentials (username and password) to make an FTP connection. Additionally, you have the option to create separate accounts for FTP connections and delete them, also through your package's control panel, the cPanel.

If you have no prior knowledge on the FTP protocol and how it works, you can get some basic information through our related article. Also some more FTP client specific information can be found in this FTP client related article

Create an FTP account

You can create a new FTP account through your cPanel. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. From the Files section, click FTP Accounts.

    cPanel - FTP accounts

  3. Under Add FTP Account, you have to fill the form with the requested information.

    cPanel - add FTP account

    • Login: Type the username which you would like to use for connecting through FTP. The username that you enter will be then associated with your account domain to create a full username that comes in an email form. For example, if your domain is and the username you entered is newftp, then the full username produced will be This is the final username you will type in your FTP Client when you enter the login information.
    • Password: Type a secure password. You may use the Password Generator for creating a secure password instantly.
    • Password (Again): Type your password again.
    • Strength: This is an indicator of how secure your password is on a scale of Very Weak to Very Strong.
    • Directory: Attention should be given in this field, as the username you entered in the first step it is inserted automatically in the url. In our example, under public_html folder, which is the root folder where you upload the files of your website, will be inserted /newftp will be inserted, just like the username we defined above. Most of the times, this is unnecessary because typical scenario is that you probably want to create an FTP account to handle the entire public_html folder and therefore you should manually delete "/newftp" the from url (Directory).

      If you wish so, you can also create an FTP account to access a specific subfolder of public_html. For example, if you are managing a blog on your website and this blog is installed in the "blog" subfolder, then you type /blog in the Directory field in place of /newftp, so the path will be public_html/blog. This way you allow user restricted access to blog folder in your account.

    • Quota: You can enter a limit to the size of the hard disk that can be used of your account or select the Unlimited option.
  4. Click the Create FTP Account button. If you have properly filled all fields described above, an "Account Created", information message will appear .

Delete an FTP account

An FTP account can be deleted through the control panel of your hosting package, following the instructions bellow:

  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. Click the FTP Accounts option in Files category
  3. For the FTP account you want to delete, click the Delete option.

    cPanel - delete FTP account

  4. There you will find two delete options. You can either delete only the FTP account, or the FPT account along with all its files, by clicking the "Delete the User’s Home Directory".
    The latter, carries the risk of data loss, so if you are not sure what to opt for, let the "Delete the User’s Home Directory" unchecked so the files of the FTP account remain unaffected. Then, you can delete the files that you do not need anymore, through the File Manager of your cPanel account.

    cPanel - delete FTP account

    cPanel - delete FTP account with files

    After deleting the account, it will be removed from the of FTP accounts list.

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