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Joomla manual installation

Following this step by step guide will help you to install Joomla manually on your hosting server. You can also install Joomla automatically using Installatron tool which you will find by logging in to your cPanel account. 

1. Download the Joomla installation package

To start with the Joomla installation you will need first to download the installation package. We advice you to download the installation package only from the official Joomla website at . 

When the installation package finish downloading to your computer you will have a file similar to . Then you can continue with the next step. 

2. Upload the Joomla files to the hosting server

Now you will have to upload the zip file from your computer to your website's hosing server. The easiest way to do this is through the cPanel > File Manager or using an FTP client application.

Note: If you want Joomla to be your main installation and accessible from your main domain, eg, you should upload the zip file from your computer to the public_html folder on your hosting server. If you want to have access to Joomla from a sub-folder of your domain, eg you will have to upload your file to the appropriate subdirectory, public_html/joomla.

After the file is been uploaded you should extract it into the same folder that it is uploaded, through the cPanel File Manager and by making right click on the zip file and extract.

3. Create a MySQL database for Joomla

As a next step you will have to create a MySQL database and a new user for it, make sure that you will take a note of the database name, and the user's username and password because you will need it later at the installation process.

4. Run the installation process

If you have finished uploading the installation files to your hosting server, just open your browser and navigate to the main address of your domain, eg, or the appropriate subfolder, eg ., depending on where you uploaded the Joomla installation files. Just visit the correct address and you will see the Joomla Installation Tool screen.

In the first step of the installation process, you must add the necessary information for your website and a username for the administrator.

  • Site Name: Enter a name for your website.
  • Description: Add a brief description about your website.
  • Admin Email: Enter a valid email address. It is used to recover your password in case you forget it or to update you with system messages.
  • Admin Username: The username of your website administrator. Select a unique user name instead of "admin" or "administrator", since these are often subjects of attacks.
  • Admin Password: Add an administrator password, make sure it is the strongest possible.
  • Site Offline: Choose if you need to get your website offline after the installation completes.

Once you have completed typing all the required fields, click the Next button to continue with the installation.

On the next screen, you must enter the necessary information for your MySQL database.

  • Database Type: By default the MySQLi option is selected. The MySQLi is an enhanced version of MySQL.
  • Host Name: Leave the default localhost option.
  • Username: Enter the username for your MySQL database (as specified above in step 3).
  • Password: Enter the MySQL database user password (as specified above in step 3).
  • Database Name: Type the name of the MySQL database that you want to use (as specified above in step 3).
  • Table Prefix: The prefix of the database tables. Joomla automatically adds its own prefix, you may want to change it for better website security. Leave the default value only if you want to host multiple websites in the same database.
  • Old Database Process: Choose what to do with the existing databases. The options are to be removed or to make a backup. We recommend to leave the Backup option, because it is the safest one.

Once you have completed typing all the required fields, click the Next button to continue.

Then you will go to the last page of the installation process. We suggest you to leave the sample site option selected if you want to have a guide/example for creating your own website.. 

In the second part of the page you will see checks before the installation. To start the installation of Joomla click the Install button. 

After a while you will be transferred to the last screen of the Setup Tool. There you will need to press the Remove installation folder button. Joomla will not let you use your website if you do not remove the installation folder completely. This is necessary for security reasons, so that no one can start the installation of Joomla again and delete your website. Finally you have a functioning Joomla website which you can begin to customize according to your preferences.

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