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Reset Drupal administrator password

If you want to change your Drupal website administrator password, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to cPanel and click the Databases > phpMyAdmin option.
  2. Select the database that's used by your Drupal website from the drop-down menu on the left.
  3. Then click the SQL tab and type the following SQL code at the text box:

    update users set pass=md5('NEWPASS') where uid = 1;

  4. Change the "NEWPASS" with the new preferred password. The uid is the user id for whom the password will be updated. The user id 1 is the first user of the system and that is the administrator, but it would be good to check that first and make sure that the id=1 belongs to the user you want to edit. If you are not sure about the user id you can follow the alternative option below to avoid any mistakes.
  5. Finally click the GO button and the Drupal administrator password will change.

Alternatively also for greater security you can:

  • Browse the users table through phpMyAdmin.
  • Find the user record that you want to edit and click the Edit button. 
  • At the password field type the new password and select MD5 from the Select List option, so the new password will be saved as encrypted.

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