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Create an Under Construction or Coming Soon page
How to create an Under Construction or Coming Soon page

While you are building your new website you might not want your visitors to be able to see its pages until its ready. There are website building programs that let you create your website on your computer locally and then upload it to a web server to be accessible by visitors. This way you will only see your websites pages.

But there is an other way. You can build your website directly in your online hosting server. If you choose this option you can create an "Under Constuction" or a "Coming Soon" page to be presented to your visitors, so they do not see the changes you make until it's done.

The hosting server looks for an index page to set as the homepage of your website in this order: index.htm, index.html, index.php and default.htm. If one of this filenames is found it will be presented as your website's' homepage.

How to create an "Under Construction/Coming Soon" page

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Then go to File Manager under the Files category. Make sure to navigate in the root folder of your domain, generally is the public_html folder.
  3. Click the New File option, located in the tools bar at the top.
  4. Next give a filename for it. Let's say it's named comingsoon.html. Click the Create New File button to complete the creation of the file. Now you have an empty page.
  5. To edit this page and add content to it right click the filename and select HTML Editor. The HTML Editor allows you to create content for your page visually without knowing how to code. 
  6. When you are ready click the Save floppy disk icon at the top tool bar.
  7. Now that you have created your new "Under Construction/Coming Soon" page you have to set it as your websites homepage. You can follow the institutions on how to do this at the Change your default Index page for your website article in our Knowledge Base.

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