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How can I change the language of my cpanel?

First time you visit the cPanel, the interface will be in English version. However, you may want to change the language to a more endear to you, such as German or Italian or even Chinese.

To change the language in the cPanel:

  1. Please login to cPanel
  2. In Preferences section, click on the Change Language option.

    cPanel - Change Language

  3. Choose from the list the language that you want.

    cPanel - selectlanguage

    CPanel is translated in the following languages:

    1. Arabic (العربية)
    2. Czech (čeština)
    3. Danish (dansk)
    4. German (Deutsch)
    5. Greek (Ελληνικά)
    6. English
    7. Spanish (español)
    8. Latin American Spanish (español latinoamericano)
    9. Iberian Spanish (español de España)
    10. Finnish (suomi)
    11. Filipino (fil)
    12. French (français)
    13. Hebrew (עברית)
    14. Hungarian (magyar)
    15. cPanel Snowmen - i_cpanel_snowmen
    16. Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
    17. Italian (italiano)
    18. Japanese (日本語)
    19. Korean
    20. Malay (Bahasa Melayu)
    21. Norwegian Bokmål (norsk bokmål)
    22. Dutch (Nederlands)
    23. Polish (polski)
    24. Portuguese (português)
    25. Brazilian Portuguese (português do Brasil)
    26. Romanian (română)
    27. Russian (русский)
    28. Swedish (svenska)
    29. Thai (ไทย)
    30. Turkish (Türkçe)
    31. Ukrainian (українська)
    32. Vietnamese
    33. Chinese (中文)
    34. Chinese (Taiwan) (中文(台湾))
  4. Save your selection by clicking on the Change button

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