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How can I upload my website files using FTP?

If you have the files of your website on your computer and you want to upload them in the hosting package that you have purchased from IP.GR, follow these steps:

  1. Open an FTP connection to your hosting package

    See how to set up an FTP connection on your hosting package.

    If you can not sign in see the FTP connection troubleshooting guide.

  2. Go to the server folder that you want to upload your site.

    This will be done through the FTP application (ftp client) that you use. If you want your site to work in central space of your hosting package, then the folder is public_html. This means that someone will open your page (eg, will directly see the website that you have prepared. This is the most common scenario.

    There is the possibility to install your website on subfolder in your hosting package. For example if the site you have on your computer is a blog that you have prepared for your existing website and want to work in the subfolder blog (eg, then you need to find or create a folder blog inside the public_html folder and go to this one.

  3. Upload the files to the hosting package.

    If you are in the folder that you want to install your site (via the FTP Client you use), you can drag ( drag & drop ) files from your computer into the installation folder. The dragging of files can be done by two ways:

    • Place the ftp client next to the folder on your computer that has the files of your website.

      Select the files from the folder on your computer and drag the folder that you want to add. In the image below we transfer to the blog folder using Filezilla application.

    • Through the FTP Client environment you use locate both the two files, ie the local and online. Usually FTP Clients like Filezilla in our example, have two windows, one for browsing the files on the local file and one for browsing the files on your hosting package.

      In the left panel of the application, access your computer's folder that contains your website files and Select all files you want to transfer. In the right panel go in your hosting package folder (server side) where you want to transfer your files. Drag from the left window to the right window the files you selected.

The file transfer may be delayed depending on the number of files and the speed in your network. If you want to upload quicker your files can be compressed in a .zip file and upload this .zip in your hosting package. Then you can decompress (extract) this file through the management of cPanel files.

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