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How do I create a new file?

Creating files on your hosting package can either be done using the control panel of your subscription (cPanel) or through the FTP Client to which you can connect to your hosting package.

Create file from within cPanel

To create a file in your site through the cPanel you can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click the File Manager option you will find in Files category.

    cPanel - Files Category

  3. On the popup window click the GO button.

    cPanel - Files Category

  4. Now you are on File Manager page of cPanel. Through this interface you can create the file you want. Click the New File option.

    cPanel - Create new file

  5. In the popup window enter the name of the file. i.e. new_file.php or new_file.html. The suffix you will give the file indicates the type of this file.

    cPanel - New file name

Create a file through FTP Client

  1. Connect with FTP to your hosting package

    See how to set up an FTP connection on your hosting package.

    If you can not sign in see the FTP connection troubleshooting guide.

  2. Navigate to the folder in which you want to create the file. Right click and click the Create New File option.

    Filezilla - create a new file

  3. Set the file name and click OK

    Filezilla - Set file name

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