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How do I edit a file?

For file processing in your hosting package you can either use the control panel of your subscription (cPanel) or through the FTP Client to which you can connect to your hosting package.

File processing through the cPanel

To edit a file in your site through the cPanel you can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click the File Manager option in Files category.

    cPanel - Files Category

  3. In the popup window click the GO button.

    cPanel - Files Category

  4. Now you are on File Manager page of cPanel. Through this interface you can edit the file you want. Find the file you want to edit (eg. htaccess) and right click on it.

    If your file is a simple text file you can click Edit. If it contains HTML code click HTML Edit. If it's a code file, click Code Edit. You can open plain files with Code Edit or vice versa, but each has a different editor toolbar, so we recommend you open each file with the appropriate editor for easier processing of.

    cPanel - File edit

  5. In the popup window click the Edit option again.

    cPanel - Code editor (edit)

  6. On the Code Editor page that opens you can edit the data you want.

    cPanel - edit a file with Code editor

Edit file through FTP Client

  1. Connect with FTP to your hosting package

    See how to set up an FTP connection on your hosting package.

    If you can not sign in see the FTP connection troubleshooting guide.

  2. Navigate to the folder in which the file is to be edited. Right-click it and then click View/Edit

    Filezilla - edit file

    The file will open with the Default Editor that you specified on your computer for that particular file type.

  3. Do the changes you want to the file and click save at the Editor used. Then click the FTP Client you are using (eg Filezilla). A popup window will inform you that the file has changed and if you want to upload the file on the server.

    Filezilla - upload edited file

    Press Yes to upload the changes. If you don't plan to further edit your file, check the option Finish editing and delete local file to close the temporary file created on your computer and retain in the most updated file on the server.

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