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How do I recover my Joomla administrator password?

Quite common phenomenon is to forget passwords you entered on websites, so almost always there are mechanisms provided to recover the password to the web site. If you have a Joomla site and you forgot the login password in the management environment, you can see how to recover it below.

The password recovery in Joomla CMS is different, depending on the user type which your account belongs. If you are a user with Super Administrator rights there is no possibility of automated password recovery and will need to set a new password through your website's database. For other user types there is the possibility of automated password recovery.

Password recovery to Joomla for users with less than Super Administrator rights

  1. Go to the admin login page of Joomla located in /administrator of your site. eg.

    Joomla - Password reminder

    Click the question mark "?" next to Password. If you point your mouse over the question mark the popup indicates "Forgot your Password?"

  2. Type the email of the user you want to recover the password.

    Joomla - email for password recovery

    An email message will be sent to your email account, which will contain a verification code. Copy the verification code.

  3. Enter the Username of your account and the verification code you received in your email .

    Joomla - verification code

  4. Type the new password in both fields.

    Joomla - type new password

  5. If the password recovery completes successfully you will go to the following page:

    Joomla - successful password recovery

    Click the Login button to connect to the administrator interface.

Super Administrator password recovery

The password recovery of a user with Super Administrator rights in Joomla is not automated, in purpose, for safety reasons. Usually Super Administrators are more general administrators of a website and tend to have access on the control panel of the hosting package that's hosting the site (cPanel).

See the following steps for setting New Password for Super Administrator in Joomla:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click on phpMyAdmin option on Databases section.

    cPanel - phpmyadmin

  3. Go to the list of users of the database you are using and click edit on the record of your (Super Administrator) user.

    cPanel - phpmyadmin

  4. In the Password field click MD5 and enter your new password in the next field.

    cPanel - phpmyadmin

    Click the Go at the end of the page.

  5. Go to the admin login page of Joomla located in /administrator of your site. eg. and enter the username and password that you just specified, to sign in the admin interface.

    Because the default passwords that Joomla implements have a Better Security level from the simple MD5 password you just created, you can go to the User Management of Joomla and set a new Super Administrator password. In this way the Joomla will produce a more strong cipher for the code you entered since the encryption method changes and "salt" is added in the cipher.

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