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I cannot connect to my hosting package with filezilla

If you use Filezilla FTP Client and you can not connect to your hosting package (and probably used to connect with the same settings), the following reasons may lie:

  1. The login credentials mught have been changed

    If you use the default login credentials of yourcPanel and you have asked for new credentials, then you shouldn't be able to connect using the old ones to your FTP either. You should therefore update Filezilla with the new login information that has been sent to you.

  2. Your IP is blocked from the Firewall

    Your IP may has been blocked due to reasons not related to the FTP connection you are attempting (for example, from an email address that is not properly working). In this case you can not connect with Filezilla either, because when an IP is blocked you can not see your server and your site overall.

    If your IP is dynamic restart your router to get a new IP address. If your IP is static contact us to unblock your IP from the Firewall.

  3. Your site has been moved to a new Server

    If your website has recently changed server, either for upgrade reasons, datacenter change , either because you changed hosting company, there is very likely the possibility that your passwords login in cPanel but can not make a successful FTP connection.

    This means that only the FTP service passwords may have been reset during transport and the cPanel passwords remain active. To overcome this problem:

    • Login to cPanel
    • In Preferences category click Change Password.
    • In Old Password and New Password fields type again the code you already have and click save.

    cPanel will Reset the password you typed (even if it's the same) for all the services, including the FTP service. Try again to connect with Filezilla.

  4. You have updated Filezilla

    It is observed that in some versions of Filezilla after an update a server connection failure occurs. Filezilla like all applications, update frequently enough and many of these updates relate to security certificates encodings, encryption types (ciphers) and other parameters under which the application connects to the server.

    Whenever you accept a security certificate, information about this certificate is stored on your computer (in windows records in the registry probably are created), so if the application changed something in the requirement parameters you might already have stored on your computer causes connection errors.

    To see if you are in this case you can configure Filezilla to connect via simple FTP encryption and not via TLS encryption, such as automatically Filezilla attempts to connect.

    1. Click on the "Open site manager option you will find under the File menu. Otherwise, follow the path: File > Site manager....
    2. Press "New Site" or edit the already existing connection, if you have created it previously.
    3. Enter the information to connect via your FTP account
      • Host: your domain name (eg.
      • Port: 21
      • Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
      • Encryption: Use plain FTP
      • Logon type: Normal
      • User: Type yout username (eg.
      • Password: This is either your cPanel password, if this is the main FTP account of your hosting package or the password you entered when created your FTP account, if it is someone else's account.
    4. Press the OK button and then the Connect button.

    This way the SSL certificate is bypassed and any possible incongruities with the new version of Filezilla.

    Alternatively, we recommend using another FTP client, that is more secure, for example, Core FTP.

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