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What kind of information may I find in cPanel statistics?

You can find details for your hosting package through your cPanel. Follow the instructions, you will find below and see what information you can find through your cPanel for the package you are hosted.

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. In the left section you will find the Statistics of your package (cPanel Stats). Click Expand stats to expand your stats.

Let's see what information you can find detailed in statistics section of cPanel:

General server settings

Main Domain This field shows which is the main domain of your hosting package.
Home Directory Your Home Directory field shows where are stored your files, at the last level of your package.
Last login from The Last login is the IP address of the last person who logged into your cPanel. It's not associated with your site.
Disk Space Usage The disk space usage field shows how much disk space is included in your hosting package and how much is already in use. For example, if the field shows a value like 2319.72 / ∞ MB, means that from your unlimited space given by your package, the 2319.72 MB used.
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer The size of monthly bandwidth transfer information shows how many MB have "downloaded" from your site during this month.

Domains statistics

Email Accounts The email accounts information shows how many email accounts have created through your hosting package and how many you can still create. All hosting packages provided by us include unlimited email accounts. If you created an email account, you should see a value like 1 / ∞ in this field.
Subdomains The Subdomains field contains the number of subdomains that your package gives you and how many you have already created. The subdomains provided by our hosting packages are also unlimited, so if for example you created 24 subdomains, in this field you should view the value 24 / ∞.
Parked Domains The Parked domains field contains the number of parked domains that you have added and how many you can still add.
Addon Domains The Addon Domains field shows how many domains are added to the package. For example, a value 0 / ∞ here, shows that has not yet been added another domain, with the possibility to add as many we want.
FTP Accounts This indication shows how many FTP accounts have been created and how many are still available.
All SQL Databases The All SQL Databases statistics shows how many databases have been set up for your package to the server.
MySQL Databases The MySQL databases field counts only the MySQL databases. Because basically you can only have MySQL databases, this number will be the same as in the field "All SQL Databases".
MySQL Disk Space The MySQL disk space field contains the total disk space occupied by your database.

LAMP version

Hosting package Here you will find the type of hosting package you have.
Server Name The name server field is the name of the server where is located the cPanel of the package you logged in. It is also used as a server host name.
cPanel Version The version of cPanel may vary from server to server. This field contains the version of cPanel that is installed on this particular server of your hosting package.
Theme This is not the theme of your website. Is the theme that is set in your cPanel. The most famous of these themes are x3, Black Ice, Business to Business, and more.
Apache version This is the version of Apache running on the hosting server. The version of Apache is important when creating a website.
PHP version This is the version of your PHP. The version of PHP can be changed, however the PHP version field indicates the major version of PHP used in this server, for example 3.5.23.
MySQL version The version of MySQL is also very important when creating your site. You can find this information here.
Architecture The architecture is the type of operating system, which is in use in this particular server.
Operating system The operating system field here is general. It is not show the type of the distribution. What you see here is that this server runs Linux, like all of our servers.

PERL version

Shared IP Address The shared IP address is the IP address of the entire server, which is used by all packages in it.
Path to sendmail This is the path where you can find the sent emails.
Path to Perl This is the path to the Perl repository.
Perl version In this area you will find the version of Perl installed on this server.
Kernel version The core (Kernel) is the main component of a Linux operating system.
cPanel Pro This field shows the cPanel Pro version.
Service Status This field allows you to see the status of multiple services, such as the: imap, ftpd, mysql, named, queueprocd, Server Load, Memory Used and others.

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