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Where can I find my website statistics in cPanel?

Through cPanel you can see the statistics regarding the usage of your web hosting package. Both Statistics and Metrics provide useful information that can help you realize the needs of your website and improve it.

Firstly you should  login to cPanel . From the section Statistics, which is in the left column of cPanel you can see some summary characteristics for the use of resources on your package and other information such as the number of Addon Domain, Parked Domains, Databases, Inodes etc.

In the Metrics section  you will find more detailed statistics about your hosting package.  See all the utilities bellow.

  • The tool Visitors shows information about the 1000 latest visitors of your website.
  • Information about the use of bandwidth of your package can be found by using the Bandwidth tool.
  • Webalizer processes and analyzes information related to web traffic in your account.
  • Webalizer FTP processes and analyzes information related to the FTP server in your account.
  • AWStats processes information related to how users access your site and about the traffic.
  • With Raw Access Logs you can see the files which have been accessed from the visitors of your site.
  • Analog Stats as Webalizer processes and analyzes information related to the web traffic of your account. It also presents the data by using diagrams.
  • Error Log records the latest errors.
  • CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage provides information on the resource consumption in your account. 
  • Metrics Editor allows you to choose which tools of the above you want to use for viewing the statistics. This utiliy might be disabled.

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