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How can I get a backup of my files?

Through this guide we describe the procedures that you can use to download on your computer a backcup from the home directory of your cPanel account. This backup is considered partial and not a full backup of your account and includes all data of your website and files of the emails from the home directory, but does not contain the MySQL databases you may have created.

Taking backup is important particularly when you make major changes on your website, such as upgrades on applications that may be using (joomla, wordpress, drupal, etc.) in the latest version. With this partial backup you can restore your application files in the previous state at any time from within cPanel.

Replace files
When you restore a partial backup, preexisting files that have identical names with those contained in the backup, will be replaced. So if you have the file "/public_html/index.html" and the same file exists in the backup, then the existing file will be replaced from the backup one.

Not replacing files
Files that are on the current installation and not on the backup will not be deleted and will not be replaced since there are not homonyms. Therefore will not be lost which files can be either new emails you have received in the meantime, or pictures that you may have uploaded to the site or even files from a component installed in the current installation and is not in the backup.

Download the backup of the home directory in your computer

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click the Backups option in the Files category.

    cPanel - Backups

  3. In the Partial Backups category Îșand below Download a Home Directory Backup, click the Home Directory button.

    cPanel - Home directory backup

  4. The backup file starts downloading in your computer. You can navigate to the folder where downloads saved and get the file.

Frequent asked questions

  • Why get partial backup rather Full cPanel Backup? Why there are different options;

    There are several reasons why you need partial backup, and not a Full cPanel Backup.

    • A practical reason is the storage probably you have not in your hosting package. To download a Full cPanel Backup on your computer will be produced and stored first in the server and in your account. This means that you need to have double the space from this you consume already in order to produce the full backup and then download it to your computer.

      In terms of cost/benefit such an option is bad as you are forced to buy big and expensive hosting packages but with no real benefit, since the backup will be downloaded to your computer and the space which committed to the server, will be left free and practically useless.

      Unlike the Full cPanel Backup the partial backup is not saved to the server, but downloads directly to your computer. This allows you to use full of the space and don't leaves untapped resources just for creating file backup.

    • A second important reason is also the Restore of this backup file. The restore of a Full cPanel Backup can not be done individually from you but you need to speak with the manager of the server, which means loss of precious time and may not be a direct solution to your problem at inappropriate times and circumstances.

      Instead the partial backup is restored directly from you and in this way it has direct impact and solves your problem, especially you are independent in which way you will move to restore the lost functionality of your website.

    What the Full cPanel Backup serves?

    The solution of a Full cPanel backup serves mainly when you want to change hosting company for your website. If for example you want to bring your website in IP.GR that's hosted in other web hosting company that also uses cPanel, you can request a Full cPanel Backup, to provide to us and with partially automated processes we can briefly install your website to the new hosting space hired in our company.

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