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How can I get a backup of my website's MySQL bases?

One of the most important parts of a web page is using a Database. There are saved useful information on the website such as texts, product information at eshops possibly user data.

The existence of a Database Backup may proved very important in cases of data loss from administrative error or malicious action. If for example accidentally delete user data, a backup of your database can restore important information.

Also it would be wise before any significant change on your website to take a backup of the database and your files. For example if you are going to do an upgrade to your Joomla site or install a new Plugin in Wordpress, these actions could affect the structure and the content of the database and files, so the existence of safety backup before any such action may be proved life saving for your website.

Database Backup on cPanel

  1. Login in to cPanel
  2. ΚClick the Backups option in the Files category.

    cPanel - Backups

  3. Under Download a MySQL Database Backup Click the link that contains the name of your database for instance example_com_db.

    cPanel - Database Backup

    A compressed file ending .sql.gz begins to download on your computer and is the backup file you've requested. In this way you download on your computer, a security backup of your database, which you can restore in an emergency.

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