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How can I transfer my website from another company in IP.GR?

You may transfer your website in IP.GR by downloading a copy of your existing installation and transferring it to the hosting package that you have purchaded from IP.GR.

Download a copy from the previous server

If the server your website is located uses cPanel, take a full Backup through the option Backups in the section Files of your cPanel.

If the server you are currently hosted does not support cPanel, but another platform (such as Plesk etc.), you may get a backup of the home folder of your installation (home directory). This backup concerns your website files. You may also get a backup of the database created for your website.

Copy installation in the new server

If you have a Full cPanel Backup connect to the new hosting package you have purchased from IP.GR either using FTP or through cPanel, upload the backup in the public_html folder and then contact us to run the installation, since restoring a Full cPanel backup requires full administration rights on the server.

If you have separate backups of the home directory and the databases, upload the backup of the home directory in cPanel and extract the compressed backup file through the file manager of the cPanel. At this stage, the files of the application should be extracted inside in the public_html folder.

Regarding your databases, first create the databases in cPanel and then through phpMyAdmin import the database backups, one at a time. If you only have one database, you will just import a single file.

If the names of the databases or their users' information have changed , you will need to update the scripts that implement the connections on these databases, using the new data. For example, in a typical Joomla installation, the configuration file is configuration.php. Similarly in Wordpress is wp-config.php.

Configuring the domain

For your domain name to be viewed by the new installation of your site, you can change the name servers to your domain. If you want to check the functionality of the new installation before you change the name servers, follow the instructions, how to get a preview of your website before its final publication.

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