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How to view your hosting server technical specifications throught cPanel

Your hosting server technical specifications, such as the version of MySQL and PHP or how many domains allowed in your account, are available and can be viewed through the cPanel statistics.

Steps to check the specifications of your hosting server

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Then on the left click the "expand stats" link to view all your hosting server technical specifications.

Explanation of the server technical specifications

Main Domain: This is the main domain of your cPanel hosting account.
Home Directory: The lower level where your account files can be stored.
Last login from: The last IP address that logged in in your cPanel.
Disk Space Usage: The disk space available for you cPanel account.
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer: The MB's that have been downloaded from your website for this month.
Email Accounts:The email accounts that have been created and how many you can still create.
Subdomains: The Subdomains that are available and in use.
Parked Domains: The Parked Domains that you have and how many you can add.
Addon Domains:The Addon Domains that have been added.
FTP Accounts:The FTP accounts that have been created and how many can be added.
All SQL Databases:The count of all your databases in your server.
MySQL Databases:The count of your MySQL databases only.
MySQL Disk Space:The disk space occupied by your databases.
Hosting package: Your registered hosting package.
Server Name: The server name where your cPanel is located.
cPanel Version: The cPanel version on the server.
Theme: Your cPanel theme.
Apache version: The Apache version on the server. 
PHP version: The PHP version on the server. 
MySQL version: The MySQL version on the server.
Architecture: The operating system architecture on the server.
Operating system: The operating system type on the server. You will see only a general indication here, for example Linux.
Shared IP Address: The IP address of the server that your cPanel account use.
Path to sendmail: The path that is required for sending e-mail with sendmail.
Path to Perl: The path to Perl.
Perl version: The Perl version on the server.
Kernel version: The current kernel version, witch is the main component of Linux.
cPanel Pro: The cPanel Pro plugin version.
Service Status: The status of the imap, ftpd, mysql, named, queueprocd, Server Load, Memory Used and other services.

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