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How can I create my own e-shop?

In case, you want  to build your own e-shop but time is pressing and you want to have it completed as soon as possible, this post will be really useful. IP.GR, through the cPanel, offers the ability to install e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks. We introduce you some of the most popular and easy-to-use ecommerce applications and plugins, that make it possible to create an online store with massive functionality in a very short period of time.  See more below.

E-shop with Wordpress

Wordpress is one of our most favourite CMS's and by using the WooCommerce plugin, you can instantly start listing products with their features and price's.

It is possible to update the inventory and manage your orders, as well. Wordpress except from being a very popular blogging platform also offers many themes that will bootstrap your eshop.

E-shop with Opencart

Opencart is a complete solution for building an e-shop. It helps  you manage the whole shopping process. It is lightweight and easy to use.

Opencart does not require an extra plugin to support the e-commerce functionality. It also provides with plenty of payment options and tools that allow you to create vouchers and sales in order to achieve your goals and enhance your profit.

E-shop with Prestashop

Prestashop is a very popular e-commerce platform. Prestashop is also a CMS, which offers templates and functionality fully targeted to e-commerce.

The platform makes it easy to customize the store, the pricing system, the products, the inventory, etc. Prestashop as well as Opencart, does not require an extra plugin / module to manage the orders and all the processes regarding the e-shop.

E-shop with CubeCart

An application in order to build an online store with many powerful features, such as easy customization, the ability to register unlimited products, currencies, multiple embedded payment systems such as PayPal and

E-shop with AbanteCart

AbanteCart is an open source software too. It is free of charge and ideal for creating an online store. The platform is search engine-friendly, with responsive design and with plenty of extensions so that you can extend the functionality of your e-shop.

It is also user-friendly and can be customized from users without programming background .

E-shop with Drupal

Drupal is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) used for a lot of purposes. It allows the creation of extremelly powerful e-shops, and it is mainly aimed at users with a programming background that can properly customize it.

The online store can be created through appropriate Drupal modules, such as Drupal Commerce and Ubercart.

See more about the e-commerce solutions offered by IP.GR!

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