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What is a .audio domain?

Sound is an important part of many of our activities, enriches our experiences both on line and in physical world. The word "audio" refers to the sound and encompasses many different meanings. Represents a wide variety of recorded, regenerated and transmitted audio performances, as well as any object or service associated with the procedures above.

The domain .audio is the ultimate online destination for everything related with sound. This specialized internet "space" will enable all those involved with sound, both amateurs and professionals, to use their imagination and create unique and memorable addresses on the Internet.

Why register a .audio domain?

To be specified on line as a source of sound from now on, will be as simple as registering a .audio domain! Once your visitors see your website's extension, will instantly know what you provide. Furthermore, a domain .audio is much easier to remember than a long and general .com domain.

The domain .audio came to offer audio content providers (Internet radio, podcasts, blogs and reviews on music, and other) easy identification: when a user comes across a web address ending with .audio will know immediately that there he can find be found content about sound. At the same time, the domain .audio may refer to products and services related with sound - amplifiers, speakers, MP3 players, record companies and even DJs: if you provide products or services related with sound, a domain .audio is exactly what you need!

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