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What is a .juegos domain?

"Juegos" means "games" in Spanish. The gaming industry is a huge branches of global economy with very large turnovers. Counting that Hispanics surpass 470 million around the world, we can easily understand why the domain .juegos is the ideal choice for anything related to games and aimed at Spanish-speaking audience.

The term “game” but is not limited to children's toys or gambling, but can also be associated with sports, which are also extremely popular in the Spanish-speaking world, with the soccer being the most popular sport with difference.

In addition, online computer games and games for mobile devices that have mainly appeared in the last two decades have expanded greatly the game industry in size and popularity. A domain .juegos can have many applications and bring substantial changes to the way products and services related to games in Spanish-speaking countries are promoted.

Why register a .juegos domain?

In the modern, globalized environment, it is more important than ever to use more than one languages. If you promote games, online games, mobile games or sports and you are mostly targeting in Hispanic audience, the domain .juegos is exactly what you need!

This new domain gives companies the opportunity to trade their games in a completely different way than they used to. The domain extension .juegos allows companies to address to the Spanish gaming market, which will naturally focus directly to web addresses that can recognize as familiar. This is an incredibly useful tool for companies that are trying to find a way in the Spanish-speaking markets around the world. From Costa Rica to Spain, .juegos is the domain that will make the difference.

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