Sunrise phase


Protect your trademark!

Are you a registered trademark holder? Sunrise is your chance to protect it! In this phase, only persons or organizations that have registered their trademarks to the database created by ICANN, the organization authorized for managing the new TLDs, may participate.

Launching new TLDs – Sunrise phase

Launching new TLDs usually has to go through one or more phases until the General Availability phase(GA), during which the new domain names are available for registration by anyone. Sunrise phase is the first and the only mandatory phase, through which all new domain names will have to go. This phase's purpose is to help trademark holders to register all domain names connected to their brand name. Some of the TLDs concerning members of certain groups or organizations satisfying specific requirements, might have to go through additional Sunrise phases.

A Sunrise phase usually last 30 days. To participate in this phase, one should have been approved by Trademark Clearinghouse. For the domain names for which more than one Sunrise phases will be required, there might be additional requirements for someone to prove that is a member of a community or organization with specific features.

The easy way to protect your brand name

For the protection of your intellectual property on line there is the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), which operates as a database maintaining all the information concerning trademarks. For trademark owners this database makes things much easier while Sunrise or even General Availability.

How does it work?

Every trademark holder, either physical or legal entity, may sumbit the trademark to the Trademark Clearinghouse database for validation. Once approved, the trademark owner will receive a unique code, which may be used for registering domain names during Sunrise.

gTLD phases timeline

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