Benefits of creating an e-shop
E Commerce is the present and the future of the Small Medium Enterprises. Join forces with the professionals.

Wide Geographical Cover:
Business have the opportunity to reach customers everywhere without establishing a local store.

Supply Chain Minimazation
There are no intermediates in the transactions between the business and its customers.

Reduction of functioning costs:
The more customers use an eshop instead of the related physical store the total service costs are shrinking.

Constant Operation:
Internet is propably the only channel of customer service that allows purchases anytime during a 24 hour day.

Marketing Tool:
Business can exploit the features of the internet for offers, to inform customers and manage relations with them and for analytics about website visits and sales.

Sales increase
since the enterprise makes use of a new sales channel which can reach customers from all over the world and not just those who are familiar with the physical store.

Direct Customer Satisfaction
since they can get informed directly thanks to 24/7 available online information.

Direct information
for new products and services, company news and content that converts visitors to customers.

Optimized management
of products and orders in order to save time and utilize it in more demanding efforts.

Collaborate with the professionals

«Speaking from experience, I suggest that, in order to differentiate from your competitors, you should trust your commercial online presence to the proffesionals and collaborate with them. Consumers will trust you as a result since trust is the key of ecommerce success worldwide».

Source: V. Korkidis, president of the greek
national confederation for ecommerce,
speach in an ecommerce workshop

Almost all (91%) Greek enterprises is connected to the internet.

Source: Study, Information Society S.A.

Get an effective e-shop and
increase your sales!

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